Football on Thanksgiving Day

Football and Thanksgiving go way back in the United States, actually it is one of the main modern traditions that one usually thinks of on Thanksgiving Day. From amateur over college to professional football games are played all over the country on Thanksgiving Day or if they aren’t played on that day they’re moved to the Thanksgiving weekend.

An interesting tradition is also the so-called Turkey Bowl (named after the Super Bowl). Turkey Bowl is what a match is called when unorganized groups of players play football on Thanksgiving. While there are no big games the ones who do play Turkey Bowl are known to develop real rivalries among each other. There isn’t’ a rule who plays Turkey Bowl but it is usually played by extended families, fraternities, volunteer fire departments and so on. It is general a very fun experience as it is meant to be one.

College football games are also regularly played on Thanksgiving Day, these matches are known as a Classic. For example the Turkey Day Classic is a match between Alabama State University and Tuskegee University and the Turkey Day Classic has been played on Thanksgiving since 1924 making it the oldest black college football classic.

Professional football is also played on Thanksgiving day or if for some reason it isn’t played on Thanksgiving day it is transferred to the Thanksgiving weekend. Professional football on Thanksgiving dates back to 1902 when the first all-pro league was formed. The tradition was carried on by the New York Pro Football League which organized the championship on Thanksgiving in 1919 as well as the Ohio League which played it’s matched on Thanksgiving Day as well. Ever since the Ohio League merged into the NFL the NFL has been playing on Thanksgiving ever since. As you can see thanksgiving football has a long history in the United States and we’re sure that it will remain that way for Thanksgiving football 2011.


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